JMSS delivers its curriculum via a team teaching paradigm that places two teachers with 50 students in most situations. JMSS is a facility with multiple open learning spaces and this paradigm has many advantages over traditional teaching pedagogies.

Team Teaching.

All curriculum delivered is aligned with the Australian Curriculum (AusVELs) and VCE.

Team teaching is preferred at JMSS because it:

  • Stems from improved lesson planning and preparation;
  • Allows for greater consistency in curriculum delivery between team taught classes;
  • Fosters a sense of collaboration and teamwork between staff;
  • Allows for greater opportunities, flexibility in teaching strategies and the ability to more effectively differentiate learning in class;
  • Exposes students to a wider range of perspectives as both teachers bring their own experiences to the class;
  • Accelerates professional growth for inexperienced and graduate teachers;
  • Enables students to develop important 21st century skills in collaboration, team-work, compromise, creativity and problem-solving;
  • Allows for more activity-based discovery learning, project-based learning and genuine team-based inquiry which are all important in developing STEM knowledge and skills.

All JMSS curriculum is accessible anywhere and anytime online to allow for seamless transitions between home and school.

Staff Directory


Peter Corkill

Assistant Principals

Andrew Chisholm (Curriculum, Pedagogy and Operations)

Jeremy Mackinnon (Student Empowerment and Achievement)

Attendance & Absences

Trudy Braden – Attendance Officer

Telephone: 03 9902 9712

Business Manager

Corey Goodes


Martine St Leon

Department Heads

Head of Science – Melanie Denney

Head of Mathematics – Rowen May

Head of English  – Louise Bourke

Head of Humanities – Chris Mann

Head of Digital Technologies – David Albrecht

Head of Learning Implementation – Alex Gavrilescu

Head of Student Transitions – Mal Anderson

Head of Professional Learning – Rowen May

Head of Sport – Greg Whyte

Head of Music –  Sean Smyth

Head of LOTE – Daniel Cussen

Laboratory Manager – Anna Zonneveld

eServices Manager – Matthew Jarvis

Co-curricular Program – Ben Delves

Outreach Programs

Director of Emerging Sciences Victoria (ESV) – Luke Bohni

Marketing and Outreach Program Manager – TBC

School Captains

Alexia Arta & Cameron McCutcheon

School Vice- Captains

Caitlin Carpenter & Michael Cotugno

House Leaders

Doherty House – Silene Lebeau & Jacqueline Lee

Blackburn House  – Archie Callander & Dishitha Sriram

Wood House – Jasmine Lay & Tharin Wijayawansha

Flannery House – Osel Loh & Estelle Roberts

House Vice Leaders

Doherty House – Seojin Hwang & Arjun Mehta

Blackburn House  – Rafael Choi & Crystal Hui

Wood House – Sharane Gowritharan & Isabella Young

Flannery House – Zaynab Ibraheem & Stephanie Ludekens

Student Leadership

Arts Captains –  Lekha Hari Prasad & Luna Marko

Music Captains –  Mia Fenton & Luna Kan

Sports Captains –  Emily Glass & Gasper Liau

Debating Captains – Janneke Delhey Peters & Amber Dwivedi

VCE Coordination and VASS team

VCE Co-Manager –  Anna Vida

VASS Administrator – Wendy Vandenberg

Telephone: 03 9902 9705

Work Experience, Careers and Pathways team

Kirstine Carter

Telephone: 03 9902 0286

Alumni & Archives


Telephone: 03 9905 8062