COVID-19 Updates

JMSS Updates to the community Re: COVID-19 2020. Principal, Peter Corkill regularly updated the JMSS community with the ever changing details of COVID throughout 2020 & 2021. Here is the entire list of articles and updates sent by Peter.

Term 2 Updates 2020

Community Updates - Term 2, 2020


Protesting Isn’t Enough



Blue Eyes Brown Eyes

Black Lives Matter

A-Z Return to School Operations Guide Students Revised

Why Return To Normal


IB Chief Says Education Must Change

Don’t Lose The Gains

JMSS Update to Community re Covid19_2_1v2


Principal Letter 150420


Afgan Girls Inspire

Adventure in a Global Crisis

Learning At A Distance – Jane Costlow

JMSS Update to Community re Covid19_2_4

Inequality Neither Fair Nor Just


Run The Mile You’re In

JMSS Update to Community re Covid19_2_3


JMSS Update to Community re Covid19_2_2

The Quiet Kids Are Thriving

Kobe Bryant’s Psychological Keys To Success

JMSS Update to Community re Covid19_2_6

History and Science Combine

The Issue Of Screentime

Staying Sane While Staying At Home


JMSS Update to Community re Covid19_2_5

End of Snow Days Creativity In A Crisis

Could Coronavirus Change Science Education

Transport in a Post Pandemic Future

Traditional Indigenous Beliefs Powerful in Understanding Covid19

People Power in Indonesia

JMSS Update to Community re Covid19_2_8

Helping Children Heal After The Pandemic

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tumble

JMSS Update to Community re Covid19_2_7

The Racism Pandemic

Work From Home Here To Stay


The Eruption of Instagram Island

Start Again Tomorrow

Singapore Response Underlines UK Flaws


JMSS_Update_to_Community re Covid19_2_10_A-Z_School_Ops_Guide_Students_Final

Transitioning Back To School

Dogs and Exercise


COVID-SAKUT-CALD – StakeholderKit-B2S – DET Return to School

Protesting Isn’t Enough



Blue Eyes Brown Eyes

Black Lives Matter

A-Z Return to School Operations Guide Students Revised

Why Return To Normal


IB Chief Says Education Must Change

Don’t Lose The Gains

Humans Too Social

How Gratitude Helps Us Cope With Pandemic Stress

Giant Squid

Fauci and Executive Presence

Borneo’s Massive Caves

Bearing Our Souls

Thinking globally in schools is essential right now

The Sciences of Teaching

Making Remote Learning Sustainable


Ingenuity on Mars



Term 3 Updates 2020

Community Updates - Term 3, 2020

DET Arrangements for Start of Term 3

How to make masks that everyone will want to wear

Implications of US Withdrawal from the WHO


Observing Distant Galaxies

Social Cues and Masks

Taking care of yourself


About a fifth of adults in the US have moved due to Covid

Coronavirus – Millions of Beer Pints Down The Drain

Japanese Businesses Handle Crises Well


Meet the Physicist Who Is Changing Movie Science

Visionary Lessons From Elon Musk


Ancient American’s Prehistoric Hotel

Covid19 Coin Shortage

Data Science Quarantined


John Lewis Lived a Life of Grace and Humility

Why do asymptomatic COVID cases even happen

Together You Can Redeem The Soul Of Our Nation

NASA has launched the most ambitious Mars rover ever built



How to wear a face mask

Emus Have Been Banned.docx

Dozens of COVID Vaccines In Development

A Navy SEAL’s Approach To Handling Pressure


JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T3-07

Melbourne-coronavirus-restrictions-on-business (002)

AI Checks Facts Which Humans Won’t

Drop in Global Travel May Have Hurt Weather Forecasts

Facebook Is Hurting People At Scale

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T3-08

Students Counter Covid Misinformation

The terrifying physics behind Beirut

Why antibodies may not be the key to beating coronavirus

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T3_09

Nostalgic Tendencies

Seas quieted by pandemic could reduce stress

Self Compassion Is Vital During Covid19

Another Iceland Volcano Eruption Likely

Golden Gate Bridge Started To Sing

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T3_10

Sadhguru1 – Future of Education

Soaring Birds

The Myth of Low Energy

We know where the 7 wonders of the ancient world are, except one

4 practical ways to grow and learn from hard times

How to manage anxiety in 4 simple ways

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T3_11

Michael Carr-Gregg Webinar for Families

Mindfulness and Positive Thinking

The fierce Amazons were more than just a myth

The little known heroic female coders of WW2

Where women lead in the media – South Africa

Agriculture and Technology

Breakthrough AI identifies 50 new planets from old NASA data

Google details 50 new Classroom and Meet features for the pandemic school year

Half the atoms in the planet could be digital data by 2245

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T3_12

Monty Hall Problem

New device mimics photosynthesis

New Ways To Predict Megastorms

Tributes Pour in for Sir Ken Robinson

Death of American missionary could put this indigenous tribe at risk

How archaeologists found the lost city of Troy

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T3_13

Lost Colony Found

Mammoth Tusks Provide a Surprise

Mysterious Carvings and Evidence of Human Sacrifice Uncovered in China’s Pompeii

New species of dinosaur discovered on Isle of Wight

Tales of ancient treasures lured looters to Colombia

Earth’s Inner Core Is Doing Something Weird

Getting Your Thinking Right

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T3_14

Saved by suburbs – Food Trucks Are Go

Students Worldwide Researching Pandemic

Train Your Brain in Times of Stress

Virus-Proof Public Transit In Asia

Why Do Octopuses Remind Us So Much of Ourselves

For Sale One of the First and Most Valuable Dollars in U.S. History

GAT Guidance for students – Factsheet

Gertrude Elion Gave The World Antiviral Drugs

Inside the Eye Nature’s Most Exquisite Creation

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T3_15

NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps to make rookie spaceflight aboard Boeing

Redwoods survive wildfire at California’s oldest State Park

Tesla tests the circuits for German energy market push

Term 4 Updates 2020

Community Updates - Term 4, 2020

A Possible Sign Of Life Right Next Door To Earth

Green Hydrogen and Energy Storage

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_01

Learnings From The Boeing 737 MAX Disaster

New type of black hole detected

Possible sign of life on Venus stirs up heated debate

Tesla claims it can lower battery costs via new material science innovations

Young physicist squares the numbers on time travel

Bill Gates on why we must beat Covid19

DNA from Viking Graves Shows A Rich Racial Mix

Equitable Vaccine Distribution Could Save Millions of Lives

How To Build A Safer World

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_02

Lego Makes a Hundred Billion Bricks a Year

Melbourne University Principal’s Scholarship Instructions 2020

Microsoft finds underwater datacenters are reliable

The World’s Largest Underwater Research Centre

Cash Prizes Spur Innovation

Five COVID customs which emerged during lockdown.docx

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_03

Why Misinformation About Covid19’s Origins Keeps Going Viral

2 scientists win Nobel chemistry prize for gene-editing tool

3 scientists win Nobel physics prize for black hole research

3 win Nobel medicine prize for discovering hepatitis C virus

2020 Day schedule v3

American poet Louise Glück wins Nobel Prize in Literature

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_04

Melbourne University Principal’s Scholarship Instructions 2020


Generating renewable hydrogen fuel from the sea

How sewage testing helps contain COVID19

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_05

Melbourne University Principal’s Scholarship Instructions 2020


Santa Ana and Diablo winds propel raging wildfires in California

Tracking Droughts Just Like Hurricanes

We finally know how cold the last ice age was

When Does Flying Become CO2 Neutral

14 reasons why Jacinda Ardern is such a successful leader

A guide to overcoming COVID misinformation

Explore the Roman Cookbook

How to have hope in a bleak world

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_06

Making auctions work – Nobel Prize in Economics

The military wants one hour global delivery

There are no words – Pandemic Threatens Indigenous Languages

This 14 year-old’s discovery could lead to a Covid cure

How reading habits have changed during the COVID lockdown

How to manage anxiety in 4 simple ways

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_07

Leadership and the Responsible Use of Power

Volunteers wanted to help NASA

AI that scans a construction site can spot when things are falling behind

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_08

Massive Coral Reef Discovered in far Northern Australia

NASA’s Big Moon News – There’s Water Everywhere

Protecting land and animals will mitigate future pandemics

Scientist gains fresh insight into the origins of earthquakes

Scientists find upper limit for the speed of sound

Scientists Have Created the First Room Temperature Superconductor

Four Energy Saving Lessons We Learned

How scientists keep ancient shipwrecks from crumbling into dust

Illogical Truths – The Paradoxes of Silicon Valley

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_09

New study shows how students around the world are returning back to school amid COVID

Plan to retrieve Titanic radio spurs debate on human remains

The entrepreneur who is turning waste plastic bottles into boats

Why A Sense Of Humour Helps In Dark Times

Why our obsession with happy endings can lead to bad decisions

Biden’s Plan For Reopening Schools

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_10

Pandemic Fatigue Is Real

Trends driving the next wave of technologies

Veterans Day 2020

Video Lectures Disadvantage Deaf Students

What the Edtech Industry Should Know About the Worst Parts of Remote Learning

Why the teacher attack hit France hardest

With DeVos out, Biden seeks to lift education

4 technology leadership lessons for the coming post pandemic world

10 Leadership Lessons from Covid Field Hospitals

A real child genius

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_11

mRNA Vaccines Could Change Vaccines Forever

New Wheat and Barley Genomes will help feed the world

The World’s Biggest Change Agent

This new Google mapping tool shows cities where they need to plant more trees

Training for Big Wave Surfing – It’s All In Your Head

10 Leadership Strategies For Thriving in 2021

Crises Need Leaders Not Superheroes

Herd Mentality – What We can learn About Leadership

Jeff Bezos – Here’s how I make Amazon’s highest-stakes decisions

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_12

Lessons in leadership from Australia

Schools bring mindfulness to the classroom to help kids in the Covid19 Crisis

The Monolith Mystery Deepens

These researchers want to rearrange the periodic table

Building a computer-integrated manufacturing training program

CERN meets quantum technology

CMU Scientists Solve 90 year old Geometry Problem

Covid-19 PfizerBioNTech vaccine judged safe for use in UK

Global disabilities map visualizes the strength and power of millions of athletes around the world

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_13

Taking Early Cancer Detection to the Next Level

The best buildings of 2020

Water on Mars – Lakes Discovery Intrigues Scientists

Chuck Yeager Sound Barrier Hero Dies At 97

From Restless to Rest – 3 Steps to Find Meaning in 2020

How to create communities that welcome the world

Is The Office Obsolete – Many Travellers Hope So

JMSS Update To Community re Covid19 T4_15

Newly Discovered Art Is An Ancient Amazon Time Machine

Peace and love – the legacy of John Lennon

QR Code Inventor Proud Of Its Role In Covid Tracing

What to do when you’re feeling exhausted

What’s Your Pandemic Perspective Shift


Term 1 Updates 2021

Community Updates - Term 1, 2021












JMSS_Update_To_Community_T1_2021_02 (1)

Ancient_graves_and_mysterious_enclosure_discovered_at_Stonehenge (1)


JMSS_Update_To_Community_T1_2021_04 (1)