COVID Updates

Principal, Peter Corkill will regularly updated the JMSS community with the ever changing details of COVID throughout 2022 via Compass. Here is a list of links and updates for our students and parents to access

What to do if you have a positive result or feeling unwell?

COVID Case Mangers contacts

To notify school of the result (either positive or negative): –

For wellbeing support and/or help managing studying from home and organising your time contact: –


1.      RATs

What are the requirements about RATs

  • All students are encouraged to administer a RAT twice a week AT HOME. We would recommend this occurring on either Sunday night or Monday Morning and again on Wednesday night or Thursday morning. RATs are an important way of getting on the front foot to protect our immediate community and is really a social    responsibility of everyone ‘playing their part’ to look after each other

How to administer a RAT?

  • Please refer to the Department of Health’s website: –

What to do if a student has a negative RAT result but is symptomatic

  • Students SHOULD NOT attend school if they have any COVID-like symptom
  • Inform the school’s attendance officer :–
  • Monitor symptoms and use another RAT tests if you are concerned or if symptoms persist.


2.       Positive RAT or PCR result?

  • Student’s will need to stay home for 7 days (see the digital learning video at the bottom of the page)
  • Report your Positive RAT here –
  • Call a COVID Case Manager and an individual support plan will be implemented
  • After the initial discussion with the COVID Case Manager, parents/guardians need to:-
      • Monitor symptoms and the ability for the student to work from home
  • Contact the COVID Case Manager if;
      • symptoms escalate and the student is unable to work from home
        mental, physical or emotional health declines
      • the student is unable to complete assessments or tasks from home
        Ensure students have access to their laptop and internet
      • SACs and assessments will be rescheduled if scheduled during the isolation period
  • Read the Department guidelines regarding – how to report a Positive COVID Case –
  • Read the Departments guidelines regarding – what to do for a Positive COVID Case –


5.    What to do if a household member has a positive result?

  • Household Contacts:-
    • You don’t have to quarantine at all during this 7-day period, and you can leave home each day provided you:
    • Continually test negative using a rapid antigen test, on at least 5 days out of the 7 day period (ensure tests are spaced at least 24 hours apart).
    • wear a mask indoors when outside your home
    • do not visit hospitals or care facilities
    • notify your employer or education facility
    • Here is a checklist for close contacts :-


6.     How to login in for studying from home

  • Login to the portal to access all your classes and work


7.     If a student becomes symptomatic at school

  • They are to report directly to reception or their class teacher.  The school will then support them in preparing them for a potential isolation period.  Home will be contacted and the student to be collected from outside the mindfulness room area, as soon as possible.

N.B – Students that have had COVID have an 8 week grace period from the end of their initial isolation period,  where they do not need to isolate or quarantine if they become a house hold contact.

Portals and Links

Logging into your classes from home –

Managing your COVID at home –

Report your positive test result –

What to do it you have COVID or are a close contact –

When to wear a face mask –

How to conduct a Rapid Antigen Test –


Digital Learning Video for Students