At John Monash Science School, we pride ourselves in educating the scientists of tomorrow. However, a number of our students are faced with financial difficulties that can make schooling difficult.

Through the act of giving, you can help.

Every gift, no matter the amount, makes a real difference in providing financial aid to students who need it the most.

We hope that this year you will join those that have donated in the past and in the current year. In doing so, you will help us ensure that our students are given the financial support to see them succeed in contributing to Victoria’s future.

We believe that this is achievable if every family is able to contribute to this fund. We would be really pleased to receive any contribution you can manage. All gifts above $2 to the Library Fund are fully tax deductible and receipts will be provided. We will keep you updated as we work towards our target goal. Our sincere thanks for considering this request and our gratitude for any help you can give us.

Please contact our Business Manager to make your gift.

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Library Fund.

Every student at John Monash Science School should develop a love of reading.

By contributing to the Tax Deductible Library Fund, you can make a significant investment in your child’s education and John Monash Science School’s Library. Since the establishment of the Library Fund in 2010, we have used parent contributions to purchase an RFID Self-Loan Station and Electronic Security System. This state-of-the-art system is a success and allows our students to self-loan hardcopy non-fiction reference materials and audio-visual resources when they have needed it for their school-work.

Our eBook Library continues to grow with over 400 fiction and 200 non-fiction digital titles purchased. This was made possible only because of the support and generosity of parents.

These titles are available to all of our students from the school’s eLibraries.

Digital VOD Service.

We also provide a digital video on demand service to our students.

Access to these online services leverage the capacity of our students laptop, smartphone or tablet to display digital materials.

We will continue to provide all students with a digital subscription to The Age and We offer access to digital databases that provide students with high quality reference materials for their research assignments.

VOD service