Co-curricular Options

Every student has access to a range of co-curricular options, including languages, music, the arts, community service, leadership and sport.

Offering our students a rich and diverse range of activities.

The Co-Curricular Program runs between 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm on Wednesday afternoons every week.

“Adopt as your fundamental creed that you will equip yourself for life, not solely for your own benefit, but for the benefit of the whole community”

– Sir John Monash

The Co-Curricular Program runs at 1:30 pm till 3:30 pm on Wednesday afternoons every week. It is a valued program that offers our students a rich and diverse range of activities which open up new opportunities and experiences away from academic study. It offers students the chance to work in teams, learn new skills and develop leadership. It is a key part of the Year 10 and 11 program and helps us to develop the “whole person” at John Monash Science School.

The Co-Curricular program matches the UNESCO Four Pillars of Education. If you complete 1 program from each pillar over your two years of the Co-Curricular program, then you will earn extra “developing the whole person” JMSS Diploma points. This aspect of the program is not compulsory however.

Your co-curricular selections, and your performance in these subjects, can earn you Diploma Points, which are credits that you collect to earn your JMSS Diploma.


Watch the Video below for details on Co-Curricular Subject Selection.

Co-Curricular Guide 2024
JMSS Students In Group Smiling

Learning to Live Together

Community Service;
Model United Nations;

JMSS Students Drawing

Learning to Be

Arts and Crafts
Philosophy and Crochet
The Art of Storytelling

JMSS Students Using Robotics

Learning to Know

Mathematics Modelling
Olympiad Training (Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Informatics)
A Dance with data
Monash Connected Autonomous Vehicles
Introduction to Law

JMSS Students Playing Quidditch

Learning to Do

Elite Sport
Group Fitness
Boxing (Non-Contact, conditioning and technique only)
Field Hockey
Cross-Country and Running Training

Primary School Outreach Programs.

These ‘flagship’ projects allow JMSS students to develop leadership and responsibility by developing and teaching skills to primary school groups each week. 4 different primary schools, with 4 students from grade 5 or 6, attend JMSS and are taught Science, Maths, or Robotics by our students. This incredible opportunity is one of our most popular and rewarding subjects.

Little Scientists

Mini Mathematicians


RoboGals is run in association with RoboGals Monash and RoboGals Australia.



Opportunity to explore mathematics.

Following on from the success of the “Little Scientists’ program, JMSS offered a new program in 2018 called ‘Mini Mathematicians’ which is aimed at providing primary school students with the opportunity to explore mathematics and problem solving like real mathematicians do. The Mini Mathematicians program has been incredibly successful and we will be offering it again in 2022.

Delivered by passionate mathematics and science students.

Sessions will be focussed on building problem solving skills and students’ ability to communicate mathematics and science effectively. Feedback from schools, teachers, Principals, parents and students has been overwhelmingly positive. In light of this, JMSS will offer the program again, and is seeking “Expressions of Interest” from Primary Schools who may wish to participate.

Program Details.

  • Programs comprises of  four fortnightly sessions will occur on Wednesday afternoons at JMSS, beginning at 1:30pm and finishing at 3pm;
  • Schools can access the program in ONE of terms one, two or three. Please note we will do our best to meet all demand;
  • Each school may have up to four students involved, and 24 students can be catered for (i.e. six schools) at each session;
  • A program comprising four sessions following a common theme in Science;
  • Training and support for the JMSS students teaching the program;
  • One of our laboratories for the program;
  • All materials used in the experiments;
  • Laboratory technician presence during the workshops;
  • Support for students to complete their projects and display them at JMSS;
  • Opportunities for Primary teachers to observe lessons and engage with our students and teachers regarding the content and processes

For further information or application please contact the school. 

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