Co-curricular Options

Every student has access to a range of co-curricular options, including languages, music, the arts, community service, leadership and sport.

Offering our students a rich and diverse range of activities.

The Co-Curricular Program runs between 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm on Wednesday afternoons every week.

It is a valued part of the curriculum and offers our students a rich and diverse range of activities which open up new opportunities and experiences away from academic study. It offers students the chance to work in teams, learn new skills and develop leadership. It is a key part of the Year 10 and 11 Curriculum and helps us to develop the “whole person” at John Monash Science School.

There are two restrictions on the selections that you are able to make in Year 10. These are:

  • If you are doing French or Japanese as a Language other than English (LOTE) you need to complete at least one accredited IT elective;
  • If you are doing French or Japanese as a Language other than English you cannot choose another LOTE to study in the Co-Curricular Program.

There is a combination of co-curricular electives from which you can choose to participate in during 2015:

  • 1 x 1 year-length option;
  • 1 x 1 semester-length option and 1 x 1 term-length option (note any specific scheduling);
  • 3 x 1 term-length option.

Some options require application and/or special information. These are marked with *. Please contact our co-curricular coordinator Ben Delves by email to find out further information about these options and submit your applications at

JMSS Students In Group Smiling

Learning to Live Together

Positive Psychology;
Community Service;
Model United Nations;
Cake Decorating;
Warhammer 40K / Tabletop Gaming;
VET (Vocational Education and Training) *;
Environment / Gardening Club;
LOTE (Languages Other Than English).

JMSS Students Drawing

Learning to Be

A Capella Choir *;
Jazz Funk Rock Band;
Strings Orchestra *;

JMSS Students Using Robotics

Learning to Know

The Internet of Things;
Open Ended Programming;
Little Scientists - Big Science & Mini- Mathematicians (a science and maths mentor program working with students in Year 6 at local primary schools) *;
Robocup Rescue Secondary;
Robocup Junior GEN II Soccer Secondary;

JMSS Students Playing Quidditch

Learning to Do

Group Fitness;
Volleyball *;

Extension Studies at Monash University.

Extension studies are available to high achieving Year 12 students to study first year Monash University subjects as part of their VCE studies.

Students may gain course credits towards their degree, as well as getting a taste of university life. Find out more about Monash Extension including a short video on their website:

Hear from 2012 JMSS students Chris Whittle, Goran Katalinic and Samuel Schlegel:

Chris Whittle (Computational Thinking)

“The highlight of Monash Extension was working with other like-minded students on material that was engaging and expanded on our knowledge of computer science. The course was very interesting – the university tutorials and lectures were a great source of variety for my studies in Year 12. I did not find balancing the workload very difficult, as it simply replaced a VCE subject in my Year 12 course. Furthermore, the dates of all assessment were available upfront at the start of each semester, meaning I was never surprised by unforeseen requirements and could organise my workload accordingly. I also began to make connections with other members of the university community who I am still friends with today.”

Chris completed Extension Computational Thinking alongside his VCE studies at John Monash Science School. He is a current Bachelor of Science (Science Scholars) student at Monash Clayton.

Goran Katalinic (Physics)

“In Monash Extension Physics, you get weekly hands on experience in the laboratory classes; experience that is not so common as part of the VCE Physics curriculum. This was a highlight, along with our lecturers who were highly engaging in conveying insight and information about the world around us.  When starting university, I could go into second year Physics, enabling me to pick up additional units of interest in my course. The Extension program lived up to my expectations and I highly recommend it!”

Goran completed Extension Physics alongside his VCE studies at John Monash Science School. He is a current Bachelor of Science (Science Scholars) student at Monash Clayton.

Samuel Schlegel (Biology)

“I was looking for something to make the VCE experience a little more diverse as well as interesting. Monash Extension Biology fuelled my existing interest in biology, and additionally, highlighted the breadth existing within biology itself. Practical classes were always fun. It was great being introduced to all kinds of laboratory equipment and techniques. Having completed the Extension program, I felt like I had a massive head start on the rest of the first year students. Overall, if you undertake the Extension program enjoying biology, you will come out enjoying it even more!”

Samuel completed Extension Biology alongside his VCE studies at John Monash Science School. He is a current Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery student at Monash Clayton.