Year 10 Open Night

In lieu of our traditional Year 10 Open Night JMSS will be setting up a virtual tour to give our incoming Year 10 students a taste for the Enrichment Electives offered in 2022

Electives Offered

Enrichment STEM allows students to study aspects of science in which they are particularly interested in greater depth. Each study maximises the resources available to the school from Monash University and its staff. Students have the chance to enrich their perspectives and knowledge of the sciences by studying the latest research and innovations, and having access to practising scientists. Both of these elements are generally unavailable in traditional school settings.

Students choose 2 Enrichment STEM Elective subjects in each semester in Year 10. There are a large range of subjects available to students, many of which are interdisciplinary across the STEM subject areas, plenty to capture the curious minds and hearts of our young scientists!

These electives are often equivalent to, or higher in standard than VCE Unit 1 and 2 subjects. Students can also use some Enrichment STEM subjects to access an accelerated pathway through VCE so that they can undertake University Enhancement as part of their studies in their final year at the school.

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VCE Physics - Motion and Electricity

This VCE unit consists of two prescribed areas of study: 1. Motion; 2. Electricity. plus an Extended Practical Investigation into an aspect of either Motion, Electricity or in some special cases, into a special area of study described by one of the twelve detailed Studies.

Medical Physics

Looking beyond the capabilities of the human eye has enabled medical professionals to diagnostically image a human body. Physicists have harnessed the breadth of the electromagnetic spectrum, electrical conductivity and sound waves to visualise images of the human body that our naked eye would never be able to see.

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Terraforming Mars

In this elective science unit students will look from Earth to Mars to investigate the feasibility of colonising and living on Mars in the future. Students will develop an understanding of Earth’s systems and processes and through a combination of fieldwork, experiments and practical tasks determine the steps needed to take by humankind to turn Mars into a planet upon which we can live.

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Pharmaceutical Science

In this subject the notion of what is meant by ‘From Bench to Bedside’ is explored. Students learn about the process of discovering, testing and eventually gaining approval for selling a drug. They explore the thinking, planning and approximate length of time that is required for each stage of discovery and development of a medicinal drug.

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This elective science will provide a foundational understanding of microbiology, regenerative medicine and physiology, histology and cytology, and recent innovative strategies that are being developed to prevent/treat medical problems. Excursions and guest speakers will expose students to current research taking place.

Microbiology Biotechnology

Below are some links of work the JMSS 'Microbiology' students have enjoyed during 2020.

Nature and Beauty of Mathematics

Mathematics is the language of the universe, the language of science and engineering. It allows us to make better decisions about our daily lives and build a better world.

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Materials Science and Engineering

Are you interested in knowing more about the “stuff” around you and what “stuff” may be made of in the future? Materials Science and Engineering is a multidisciplinary subject that draws on areas of chemistry, physics and engineering.

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FLEET Science

This unit will use recent discoveries in quantum physics, and exciting current Australian research, to introduce students to scientific concepts both old and new, including: - the transformative effect of computing on human society; - 0s and 1s: the binary structure that underlies computation, and the ‘transistors’ that make it work; -Moore’s Law: the remarkable, decades-long success

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Introduction to Programming, Machine Learning and Simulations

In this subject students will be introduced to the basics of Python programming, Data Science, Machine Learning and Simulations. Students will learn how to write Python programs to help them solve various problems.

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Introduction to Games Programming

In this subject students will be introduced to the basics of Python programming, Data Science, and Game Programming. Students will learn how to write Python programs to help them solve various problems.

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This subject explores how we use technology to understand genetic codes. The sequence for an individual or species can now be generated quickly and cheaply, resulting in an explosion of information. Students will develop skills to decipher this information and further understand the code for life.

Microbiology Biotechnology

Below are some links of work JMSS 'Biotechnology' students have enjoyed during 2020


Students will grapple with the nature of time, space and energy as they work towards determining the possibilities of encountering alien life in our Galaxy and beyond.

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Aquatic Science

This unit will explore freshwater and marine ecosystems. It will have a strong focus on using fieldwork techniques to help us to determine the physical, chemical and biological characteristics and interactions of selected aquatic environments.

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Analytical Spectroscopy

This unit will explore the analytical and spectroscopic techniques used in chemistry. These essential techniques are currently used to qualitatively and quantitatively identify chemicals, such as salt content in water, molecular components in vegetable juices and petrol.

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Below are some links of work the JMSS 'Analytical Spectroscopy' students have enjoyed during 2020

Advanced Chemistry

This is a course that allows the student with an excellent prior knowledge of chemistry to further develop and advance their understanding in chemistry. Throughout this course, students will explore the following topics: - Bonding - Reactions - Quantities

Disease, Disorders and Scientific Discoveries

Have you ever wondered about the science that underlies human health and disease? Having an understanding of how the human body works allows scientists to develop new treatments and preventions for different disease states. In this elective unit, students will be introduced to biomedical science.