Learner Developmental Framework

John Monash Science School believes that if we are to achieve our mission and vision, the inclusion of the school’s Learner Developmental Framework in all curriculum and lesson planning is essential.

The Learner Developmental Framework (LDF).

The framework outlines the core skills and attributes our young learners will develop during their time at JMSS. It influences curriculum development, lesson planning and delivery, our co-curricular and leadership programs, and local and international engagements.

JMSS Students working together

Our Developmental Framework references the UNESCO Four Pillars of Learning:

Learning to Live Together
Focused on building sound relationships
Learning to Know
Focused on thinking and understanding
Learning to Do
Focused on knowledge and skill acquisition
Learning to Be
Focused on developing good people

Learning to Live Together.

Our learners build effective collaboration and teamwork by working constructively together, considering and valuing all input and viewpoints fairly.

Our learners build positive, respectful and supportive relationships with all community members, and celebrate diversity.

Our learners contribute to the creation of a safe, welcoming, optimistic and encouraging learning environment and community.

Our learners have a global perspective, know and care about the world and its communities, and seek to live sustainably and impact positively now and in the future.

Learning to Know.

Our learners are effective inquirers, able to ask meaningful questions which probe understanding, and take risks in their learning.

Our learners are critical thinkers, able to analyse information, evaluate evidence and produce informed conclusions.

Our learners are creative thinkers, open to new ideas, imaginative and resourceful in their use of different strategies and approaches.

Our learners are reflective, aware of their own skills and abilities, and open to feedback to improve their own ideas or performance.

Learning to Do.

Our learners are adaptable, being able to live effectively with change, skilled in the use of modern technologies, and prepared to meet any challenge with optimism.

Our learners are effective communicators, being attentive listeners and also articulate in both written and spoken media.

Our learners are persistent, being able to work effectively through difficulties, and resilient in the face of set-backs.

Our learners develop the competencies necessary to advance their learning in specific disciplines, and are responsible for their own learning.

Learning to Be.

Our learners are well-rounded with a broad range of skills, perspectives and interests.

Our learners are passionate about learning and strive to achieve their personal best in everything they do.

Our learners are able to examine issues from a wide range of perspectives, and understand the need to act honestly and ethically when making decisions.

Our learners develop the dimensions of leadership, within a context of service to and beyond the JMSS community.