John Monash 2020 News

Keep up to date with the latest news and events at John Monash Science School, including our annual Information Night with talks from principal Peter Corkill as well as previous and current students. You can also view the latest information by downloading one of our monthly newsletters.

16 Dec

Australian Science Fair 2020

JMSS and Monash University were proud to present a three-day Science Fair to celebrate student engagement in STEM investigations from 23-25th November, 2020. Held virtually the Australi...

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11 May

Q & A’s from Information Night

We received an incredible amount of questions during our live Information Night Q & A recently. We understand as prospective students and parents, you have a lot of questions.  So,...

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7 Feb

In the Media – 2020

The Year 9 students are undertaking the Emerging Sciences Victoria program, developed in collaboration with Monash University and delivered through an online, virtual classroom by John ...

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4 Feb

Thailand ISSF 2020 Science Fair

John Monash Science School was thrilled to take part on the 16th annual  ISSF 2020 Science Fair. Kamnoetvidya Science Academy as the venue for ISSF 2020.  Kamnoetvidya Science Academy...

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