August 18, 2019 - Events

International Students Science Fair – Singapore 2019

ISSF Singapore 2019 With JMSS Students

This year  saw the 16th edition of the annual International Students Science Fair, this time in Singapore. Students attending were Angad Singh (Year 12), Parmis Hassani (Year 11), and Nicholas Green (Year 11), accompanied by Dr. Mel Denney and myself.

The event was an outstanding experience for all, with students and teachers treated to some wonderful challenges, excursions and activities. The event coincided with the biennial Singapore International Science Challenge, attracting several more students from all over the world.

The still relatively new International Science Schools Network took significant further steps forward with many schools now wishing to join. We accepted three new schools into the Network, and have promoted three more to higher levels of membership.

Over the next few months we are finalising our new Strategic Plan to take us forward to 2025, and hope to have decisions in place to sustain and grow our organisation after the Japan Super Science Fair at Ritsumeikan High School in Japan in November 2019.

The big news was in securing hosts for the ISSF event in each of the next four years: 2020 Kamnoetvidya Science Academy in Thailand, 2021 Beihang Experimental School, Beijing, China, 2022 Lewiston-Porter High School, New York State, U.S.A, and 2023 Queensland Academy of Science, Mathematics and Technology, Brisbane, Australia. This is a unique position for our young global association – we have never been in such an advantageous position before.


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