March 8, 2024 - Events, Latest News

International Women’s Day Assembly with Dr Dee Ninis

Today we held our International Women’s Day assembly hosted by our School Captains. We were also fortunate to have Dr Dee Ninis join us to present to staff and students.

Dr Ninis is an earthquake scientist, working for the Seismology Research Centre here in Melbourne. She uses seismology (the science of analysing the squiggly lines on seismographs) to find out about current-day earthquakes, and geology to investigate evidence of ancient earthquakes, in both plate boundary (New Zealand) and intraplate ‘stable continental region’ (Australia) tectonic settings.

Dr Ninis’s main focus is to contribute to earthquake hazard studies, which are estimates of the strength of future earthquake-related ground-shaking – for sites of critical infrastructure (e.g., dams) both within Australia and overseas. Dee is also a Research Affiliate at the School of Earth, Atmosphere & Environment at Monash University.



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