November 30, 2023 - Events

ISSF Queensland

All the best to our staff and students who will leave this Sunday to attend the International Student Science Fair (ISSF) in Brisbane. The ISSF is hosted by the Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology , in the suburb of Toowong near Brisbane.

Opportunities are provided at the ISSF that extend student thinking, allowing them to use their knowledge in interesting ways and encourage all participants to explore their ethics and assumptions in the application of mathematics, science and technology.  In particular, the team-work in problem-solving and sharing sessions gives students and educators the opportunity to work with peers from different nations, thus promoting the inter-cultural understandings needed in the 21st Century.

A significant component of ISSF is the cultural and social interactions which help develop friendships and collaborative opportunities amongst our students and educational leaders which may be the basis for future cooperation and study.

The theme for ISSF 2023 is Sustainable Futures in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The fair is designed as professional development for teachers and provides opportunities for life-changing experiences for students.

ISSF 2023 learning experiences include:

• Student seminar and poster presentations

• STEM student challenges

• Teacher professional development

• STEM excursions

• Keynote presentations by Australia’s leading scientists

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