December 17, 2021 - In The Media, Latest News

Incredible VCE results after 2 years of COVID

After almost 2 years of online learning through their VCE, the JMSS students have produced incredible results.


The school’s principal Peter Corkill said: “This shows the commitment of the staff and the kids over two years. The previous year’s cohort offered tutoring for the current cohort, we have kept the ship steady, everyone in touch, the one point of truth.

“The big news is, we make every effort to take the competitive nature out of VCE and champion collaboration and mutual support. We are at pains to do it. It is about working together … and everyone has bought into that.

“It is that collaboration, that strong sense of team, and they are amazing kids. We are really, really proud of them and their teachers, they have all done a fantastic job.”

– 232 completed VCE.

– 34.5 per cent of ATARS are over 95.

– 62.1 per cent received ATARS over 90.

– 88.4 per cent received ATARS over 80.

– 94.8 per cent received ATARS over 70.

– Median ATAR is 92.65.

– Nine perfect study scores of 50.

– 18.65 per cent of the study scores were over 40, highest number in recent years.

Big congratulations also to Jonathan Purcell who achieved the highest possible Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 99.95.

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