June 18, 2019 - In The Media

John Monash Science School, In The Media 2019

JMSS Teacher

JMSS – Regional Science Exchange Program

Schools Choice, August 2019 


Victoria’s most unusual classrooms include the snowfields, prison and a science school

Herald- Sun Newspaper, August 2019 


Why our future looks bright

The Monash Leader, March 2019 

ESV: the virtual interactive classroom

Schools Choice, March 2019 

Emerging Sciences Victoria (ESV) is a virtual interactive classroom which forms part of the John Monash Science School (JMSS) outreach program


Science exchange program available for Year 10 regional students

Weekly Times, 2019 

Year 10 students at regional schools can apply for the three-week program, which immerses them in advanced science classes at the specialist secondary school in Melbourne.


In the Classroom: Logging on for a bright future in science

The Year 9 students are undertaking the Emerging Sciences Victoria program, developed in collaboration with Monash University and delivered through an online, virtual classroom by John Monash Science School lecturers and field experts.


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