July 26, 2023 - Latest News

Alumni Opportunity – AINSE

AINSE (Australian Institute Nuclear Science and Engineering) has 42 member organisations which are comprised of 2 Research Institutions and 40 Universities from across Australia and New Zealand (including Monash).

Their mission is AINSE provides pathways and networks for collaboration within the nuclear science, engineering and related research fields nationally and internationally and builds capability and diversity through training and education.

There are a number of great programs for undergrad students, women in stem, honours and postgraduate students.

Students are encouraged to visit the website and look at the Scholarships/ Awards and also the Schools. Note that the disciplines supported by these programs are super broad from archeology to nuclear materials and so it is great for students to get a broad overview and understanding of nuclear and xray science, engineering before they move into research careers. The scope of capabilities includes ANSTO at Lucas Heights (NSW) and the Australian Synchrotron (VIC).

If students are interested in programs – follow the guidelines on the AINSE website and if anyone needs to speak with the university representatives, these details are also on the AINSE website.

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