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Applications for entry in 2025 are NOW OPEN

JMSS Students Using Robotics

Entry Tests

To apply for enrolment at John Monash Science School, all prospective students must complete a formal Entry Assessment.

This includes, but is not limited to, identified written assessments administered externally to the school by Edutest. These assessments are administered on a given date and time, and all prospective students must register in order to sit and complete the assessment.

We receive a number of enquiries about the format and content of the tests (administered by Edutest) to determine entry to the school. Please note that to ensure the integrity of the testing process, and equity for all applicants, no further information about the tests will be provided prior to the administration of the tests.

John Monash Science School is a specialist school which focuses on science, mathematics and associated technologies. The students who will benefit most from attending the school will be proficient in mathematics, be able to express themselves clearly in English, to apply scientific reasoning to problems and to think logically and coherently.

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