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Emerging Sciences Victoria enrolments now open!

JMSS Broadcast Studio

Are you in Year 9 or 10 and want to take part in unique and specialised Science, Maths, and Tech classes?

Emerging Sciences Victoria semester 2 enrolments are now open!


Check out the website now

Broadcasting from a purpose-built studio on the campus of John Monash Science School. Emerging Sciences Victoria (ESV) makes it possible for Year 9 and 10 students in Victoria to access specialised STEM subjects through a virtual classroom.

Our state-of-the-art virtual classroom makes engaging, collaborative and inclusive learning available to all students – regardless of their geographic location or socio-economic situation. Students collaborate online using shared documents and use video cameras and headsets to interact with classmates and teachers.

Thanks to funding from the Department of Education, enrolment fees are only $25 per subject per student for Government Schools (see website for full fee details).


We have a range of units running this coming semester, including:

  1. Bioinformatics
  2. Medical Physics
  3. Alternative Energies
  4. Nature & Beauty of Mathematics
  5. Astrophysics
  6. Neuroscience

Check out the timetable below for the new class schedule:









Students enrolled in these units will:

  • Explore how we use technology to understand DNA and genetic codes
  • Question how medical diagnostic equipment works – Why is an MRI preferred over an X-ray in the diagnosis of knee injuries? Why are pregnant women advised against having X-rays? Why does the heartbeat result in spikes on a monitor?
  • Learn about existing energy sources and production as well as emerging and potential future alternative energy sources
  • Journey through the Universe exploring the phenomenon of black holes, quasars, dark matter and dark energy.
  • Explore the world of fractals, multiple dimensions, irrational numbers and their relationship with the natural world
  • And tackle some of the big ideas in neuroscience – How do we image the brain and can we see thoughts? How do sleep and chemicals affect the brain? And how can we replicate senses and understand illusions?

If you have any students you believe would be interested in enrolling in any of the subjects we are offering for Semester 2, please pass along the enrolment link.




Please do not hesitate to contact Director Luke Bohni ( if you have any questions regarding the program.

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