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Premier’s Awards for outstanding VCE achievements

John Monash Science School is delighted to announce that seven students, received 9 Premier’s VCE Awards for their incredible results in 2020.

Each year, individual Graded Assessment scores are used to determine the top group of students for each VCE study award and the Premier’s VCE Awards recognises those high performers.

The awards for the JMSS students are as follows:-

Sarah Chuang – Top All-Round VCE High Achiever & Biology

Sofya Shcherbak – English (EAL)

Jonathan Purcell – Mathematical Methods & Physics

Tuyen Pham – English

Chen Wang – English (EAL)

Vinusakini (Vini) Rajarajan – Tamil (language) via Victorian Tamil Association

Tash Herjanto – Indonesian (language) via Victorian School of Languages


Principal, Mr Peter Corkill praised all seven of the students for excelling under the most challenging of circumstances.  These results are a testament to their dedication and strength in a year that was otherwise filled with disruptions and change.  We are really proud of all our students for handing the change and pressure with such maturity and grace.

Sarah – Sarah was awarded 2 awards. One for Biology and the other was for the top honours of – “Top All-Round VCE High Achiever”.  Sarah was thrilled with her accolades and praised her teachers and family for getting her through 2020. Sarah is currently studying Medicine at Monash University.

Sofya – Sofya with Russian heritage, won her award in English (EAL).  Sofya has many loves including languages and the arts.  She is a superstar, a joy to teach and her results are well deserved. She is studying a Bachelor of International Studies (Global Scholar) degree at Deakin University Geelong Waterfront Campus.

Jonathan – Jonathan is currently in Year 12, achieving these great results while in Year 11! Jonathan was awarded for both Mathematical Methods and Physics.  Jonathan’s love of learning is evident and was recently selected to represent Australia in the UNESCO-sanctioned International Science Olympiads. An inspirational result and we look forward to seeing Jonathan soar in his future endeavours.

Tuyen – Tuyen won her award in English. Math Teacher Luke Bohni, taught Tuyen in year 10 and said that with Tuyen’s lovely nature and quiet dedication there is no surprise she achieved the results she did.  Tuyen’s hard work of 2020 resulted in her currently studying Medicine at Monash University.

Chen  – Chen is a dedicated student and extremely hard working, he was awarded a Premier award in English (EAL) along with being awarded JMSS 2020 Dux.  After an incredible year,  Chen is currently studying Medicine at Monash University.

Vini – Currently in Year 11, Vini completed her Tamil VCE class via the Victorian Tamil Association all while in Year 10!  Vini is set to do amazing things!

Tash – Currently in Year 12, Tash completed her VCE Indonesian class via Victorian School of Languages all while in Year 11 during COVID! Congratulations Tash, we cannot wait to see what you do in Year 12.

Congratulations to all of the students, we are so very proud of you.

To view the videos of Sarah and the other Victorian High Achievers here: –


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