I would like to extend a warm welcome to prospective students, parents and teachers to John Monash Science School, Victoria’s first specialist school in the Sciences, Mathematics and Associated Technologies.

Uniquely positioned on Monash University’s Clayton campus.

Our unique position gives us access to world-class science and education research, ensuring our curriculum hits the cutting edge of contemporary knowledge and practice. Professional relationships between the school and so many sectors of the university are strong and ongoing, and the opportunities presented to our students on a daily basis are unique, challenging and motivating.

Whilst focussing strongly on these subject areas, JMSS offers a broad overall curriculum inclusive of English, the Humanities, Music, Languages and Physical Education. We firmly believe we need to educate the ‘whole person’ if our graduates are to make a positive difference in the world they will face. This is why the personal development of all of our students is of fundamental importance to us.

JMSS Principal Peter Corkill Speaking To Students

JMSS offers a broad overall curriculum.

Our work is informed by UNESCO’s four pillars of education—Learning to Know, Learning to Be, Learning to Do and Learning to Live Together. These define the way we teach, the way we learn, the way we interact and work together. The close-knit, supportive and welcoming environment so evident at JMSS is the result.

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This school is characterised by the strong working relationships between students and staff, the mutual sense of belonging and support which exists among the students, and a keen sense of aspiration and challenge which urges all in our community to strive for personal best in all they do.

I am proud to lead this wonderful learning community, and encourage you to consider applying for the entry assessment. If you have a passion for the sciences, love a challenge and welcome every opportunity to learn, then this is the school for you. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Peter Corkill, Principal