We have developed our own learning models that incorporate best practice in cutting edge curriculum, technology, personalisation, team teaching and research-based approaches to learning.

A challenging and stimulating curriculum.

At John Monash Science School, we understand that student centred learning design is key to not only the academic achievement of each child, but also their holistic development as an effective learner and global citizen.

The curriculum at JMSS is challenging and stimulating and allows students to explore the leading issues pervading current scientific research and understanding, while still building solid foundational expertise in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Biomedical Science, Geography and Computer Science, among others. It is designed to allow students to integrate knowledge across these arbitrary boundaries and explore new ideas in much the same way as science researchers do from day-to-day.

OUr curriculum
JMSS Students working together

Core learning skills and attributes are the cornerstone of academic success.

These are woven into the fabric of each learning sequence at the school, as we believe the capacity to problem solve, collaborate in teams, undertake independent inquiry, think and act ethically and make strategic use of high-end technologies will mark a point of difference for our students as they take their place in their chosen fields beyond our school.

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JMSS Student With Headphones On Laptop

Interactive devices are transforming learning at JMSS.

Each student brings their own laptop computer and a secondary device. This multi-device strategy enables ‘anytime anywhere’ learning and gives our students ready access to resources and collaboration opportunities. Students may access this network electronically anywhere in the school or on the University campus.

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JMSS is proud of its team-based approach to student learning.

Classes of up to 50 students benefit from having 2 team teachers in the room to explore knowledge from differing fields using a variety of teaching approaches. Our teachers work closely together to plan learning experiences for students, to monitor their progress, adjust their approaches to support students in need of extra assistance and to challenge those ready to take the next steps in their learning journeys. Students are also encouraged to work within teams, both large and small, using team members as resources for their learning.

JMSS Students Walking Down Stairs Inside

Acknowledging and rewarding development.

The JMSS Diploma acknowledges and rewards the development of important skills and attributes as outlined in the school’s Learner Developmental Framework. The school believes that these skills and attributes are important in the education and growth of the highly capable leaders and pioneers in science that JMSS produces.

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JMSS Students At Science Fair

Science Fairs are an exciting event in the life of the School.

We give the opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning in Science at two large forums each year; the JMSS Science Exhibition Evening in May and the JMSS Science Fair in October. Both events are an amazing showcase of student investigation and research in Science.

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Adopt as your fundamental creed that you will equip yourself for life, not solely for your own benefit but for the benefit of the whole community.

Sir John Monash