School Council

As our School continues to grow it is important we are able to draw on the experience, expertise and energy of members of our parent community to continue to guide JMSS.

School Council.

The School Council has positions for two nominated representatives from Monash University.

Both positions has recently become vacant with the retirement at the end of 2018 of  Dr. Cristina Varsavsky Assistant Dean, Science Faculty and also Associate Professor Gerry Rayner from Monash University Office of Learning and Teaching. These positions will shortly be filled with new representatives from Monash University.

Emeritus Professor Robert Norris retired Dean, Science Faculty also finished his 10 years on school council at the end of 2018.  Rob held the position of Treasurer for his time on School Council, originally as a Monash Representative and then as a Co-opted Community Representative.

The four DET representatives are Principal Peter Corkill, Assistant Principals Andrew Chisholm and Sally Cheah-Johnson, and Business Manager Alison Galloway.

The Council is able to co-opt three external people to assist with its affairs, the position are currently filled by Stephen Duggan – School Council President and Dr Robyn Whittle Vice School Council President and Simon Musgrave – Treasure. All have had students attend John Monash Science School.

The State has mandated that each Government School should have two current students elected to its School Council. This opportunity has been enthusiastically embraced by the student body, and we have selected the two representatives from the multiple applications we have received for the 2019 Council. Min Hyun Year 10  and Helen Nguyen Year 12. JMSS has had students on its School Council since 2017

The new Council convened on Tuesday, 19 March 2019 following the Annual General Meeting.

We welcome two new parents to the Council, David Davies and Satheesh Kumar Pachiappan and the return of parents, Yael Cass, Ben Waterson and  Ricki Hersburgh

We would like to encourage parents who are not on Council but wish to be involved in the school to join either our PFA or one of our Council subcommittees. Please contact our Business Manager Mrs Alison Galloway at school if you are interested, we would warmly welcome your help and support.

School Council Members

Department of Education and Training
Principal Peter Corkill (Executive Officer), Assistant Principal Sally Cheah-Johnson, Assistant Principal Andrew Chisholm, Business Manager Alison Galloway.

Monash University
Wayne Brundell

Ben Waterson, David Davies, Satheesh Kumar Pachiappan, Yael Cass.

Stephen Duggan – School Council President, Robyn Whittle – School Council Vice President, Simon Musgrave – Treasurer and RickiHersburgh.

Min Hyun and Helen Nguyen.


Parents may also wish to contribute to one of our Council Subcommittees:

  • Programs and Policies;
  • Monash University and John Monash Science School Liaison,
  • Facilities, and
  • Finance.

If you are interested in any of these subcommittees please contact our Business Manager Mrs Alison Galloway at school via phone (9905 1002) or email We would warmly welcome your help and support