Our curriculum is challenging yet stimulating and allows students to explore the leading issues pervading current scientific research and understanding.

Contemporary curriculum, co-constructed with Monash academics.

In order to achieve its aims, JMSS has formed strong partnerships with researchers and academics in a broad mix of scientific fields at Monash University, sharing resources and expertise and ensuring the courses offered at JMSS are rich, challenging, contemporary and relevant. Co-constructed with Monash academics, the curriculum at JMSS allows students to explore the cutting edge of scientific knowledge and understanding in the areas of physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, mathematics, engineering, biomedical science, geography and computer science, among others.

Throughout Years 10 to 12 the school has implemented the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS), the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the new Australian Curriculum. Most VCE studies are offered. Some students accelerate above their age’s academic level, and many students access university enhancement subjects on the Monash campus alongside traditional Year 12 subjects.

JMSS Students In Front Of Whiteboard

Emerging Science Electives.

Students can study emerging science electives in fields such as astrophysics, pharmaceutical science and bioinformatics. Through our partnership with Monash University, all Year 10 students are able to undertake an extended science research project with guidance from expert mentors.

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JMSS Students Using Robotics

Access to a range of co-curricular options.

Every student has access to a range of co-curricular options, including languages, music, the arts, community service, leadership and sport. JMSS believes in a holistic education for all students, and the strong focus on personal wellbeing and empowerment, physical activity and leadership development is a feature of life for students at the school.

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Year 10 Curriculum.

While the School has a strong focus on Science and Mathematics, the curriculum is broad enough to develop students’ skills and capacities across all fields.

In Year 10 all students study: English; Mathematics; Science (Core sciences including Physics, Chemistry and Biology); Emerging Science elective units (all are unique to JMSS) in fields such as Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Science, Astrophysics (Quantum Physics and Astronomy), Geoscience and Bioinformatics; Issues Studies (the interface between the Humanities and the Sciences); Emerging Technologies (a range of fascinating options in Computer Science); and Learn To, which includes Physical Education.

VCE offerings in maths and science

Environmental Studies
Mathematics - General, Methods, and Specialist

JMSS students may also study

Extended Investigations
Information Technology
Media Studies
Physical Education

JMSS also offers

Performing and Creative Arts
Community Service and Leadership Training
Swimming, Basketball, Netball, Cricket, Quidditch and Other Group Fitness
Tabletop Gaming and Warhammer
Environment/ Sustainable Living

VCE Curriculum.

The school’s innovative curriculum is co-written with Monash academics and informed by the latest research in the sciences as well as in learning and teaching. These subjects have included Units 1 & 2 Mathematical and Computational Physics, Units 1 & 2 Biochemistry and Units 3 & 4 Algorithmics. These broad range of subjects leads to multiple pathways through and beyond the Victorian Certificate of Education.

An extensive range of VCE studies is available for students in Years 2 and 3, with enhancement opportunities existing for all students to access study at a higher level. This includes access to University Extension studies for suitably qualified students in Year 3. The school is working with the University to ensure there are a number of enhancement options for students in their third year of study at JMSS, such as first-year University science subjects.

Enrichment Studies.

The learning programs at JMSS are enriched for students in two major ways.

The Monash academic liaison staff have been able to bring the cutting edge of scientific knowledge and research into the classroom, both in some of JMSS’s unique studies and in VCE studies. This strong liaison means that JMSS students engage in exciting activities such as astronomical observation nights, geological and biological field trips and camps, student-led conferences such as our annual Nanotechnology Conference, creation of advanced computer simulations and robots, and Mathematics and Engineering Immersion Days.

Our students have access to first-class research and teaching facilities at Monash, with examples such as the use of the Geoscience and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Laboratories, Monash Sporting facilities, Australian Synchrotron, Monash Library resources, Performing Arts Centre and research laboratories in the STRIP.

2021 Term Dates

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Term 128 January1 April
Term 219 April25 June
Term 312 July17 September
Term 44 October17 December