Empowerment & Leadership

The aim of John Monash Science School is to fully develop the talents and capacities of all students to help them strive for personal best.

Empowering students through learning, activities and leadership opportunities.

We help our students to develop interdisciplinary capabilities such as critical and creative thinking, alongside ethical, intercultural, personal and social perspectives.

Students are empowered through learning in the classroom, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, and leadership opportunities, to develop the above capabilities so that they are equipped for their future in a changing world.

The JMSS Strategic Plan has a whole school approach to student engagement, empowerment and wellbeing. We believe in providing students with an environment that promotes responsibility, resilience and a growth mindset.

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Positive Education.

Introduced at the start of 2018 as a whole-school approach to promoting a positive climate for learning. Positive Education focuses on specific skills that assist students to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience and promote their health so that students are positively engaged in their learning and experience positive accomplishments.

Strategies to promote Student Empowerment, Engagement and Wellbeing.

The following structures / processes / strategies are put in place to promote Student Empowerment, Engagement and Wellbeing at John Monash Science School:

  • We create and sustain links to academic partners within Monash University, as well as external organisations, who can enrich the learning experiences and opportunities of our students, such as in their Work Experience Program;
  • We develop an innovative ICT-rich learning environment in order to improve student engagement and achievement;
  • We encourage Student Voice at JMSS to be a powerful and positive influence on student learning, personal development and the building of leadership capacity;
  • We develop a strong and vibrant House and Mentor System, with a view to building and sustaining connectedness within the student body, and between students and staff.
  • We ensure effective counselling and monitoring processes are in place so that every JMSS student progresses through a course which suits their abilities and aspirations, and leads to a pathway of their choosing beyond JMSS. The students’

Mentors undertake an active role in the monitoring of the student learning journey and pathway.

Leadership Opportunities.

The Student Parliament represents the student body at JMSS. They drive student initiatives within the school in areas such as music, the environment and fundraising for charitable organizations.

Parliament members prepare written proposals in which they present during Student Parliament meetings. The Parliament is comprised of 44 elected members including School (and Vice) Captains, House (and Vice) Captains and Sub-Committee members from the six Sub-Committees (Culture and Community Outreach, Environment, Media and Communication, Performing Arts, Science, Maths and Technology and Sports and Recreation).

A new Student Parliament is elected every year with positions held by students in Year 11 and 12. Additionally, four Year 10 Representatives, assigned to a Sub-Committee are chosen each term. Students are elected by the Houses they represent, with the exception of the School Captains who are elected by the Principals. Students that are not elected as members are encouraged to attend meetings and contribute. The Parliament meets every Monday at lunchtime.

JMSS Student Parliament

A great way to get involved in decision-making at JMSS.

Students are elected to the following positions:

  • School Captains;
  • School Vice Captains;
  • House Captains;
  • Vice House Captains.

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Support Programs and Services.

At John Monash Science School, we believe strongly in the ongoing development of leadership capacity in our students.

Each House has two student captains and vice-captains, as well as student leaders on each of six key student committees. This collection of elected students forms the unique JMSS Student Parliament, a body that influences life for students at the school, has input into learning programs, raises funds for charity and organises student voluntary services in the local community.

The Student Empowerment Team includes House Leaders and mentors, a counsellor, a psychologist, our Mindfulness Facilitator and integration aides to support students with additional learning needs.

Our school works hard to ensure all students make a quick and effective transition into John Monash Science School. We begin each year with an Orientation Camp for new students, designed to introduce them to learning the JMSS way, as well as to the many new friends they will make. This is an important step in the learning journey of so many students who have made the challenging transition from previous familiar surroundings.

Students are supported by the Empowerment Team throughout their time at the school. Whilst the challenges are great, they are matched by the support each student receives. Our students and staff have created an aspirational yet welcoming, safe and supportive community at our school.