Frequently asked questions about John Monash Science School


What student years and levels do you cater for?

John Monash Science School is a co-educational school for Years 10, 11 and 12.

How and when can I join John Monash Science School?

Entrance to John Monash Science School will be based on students’ aptitude in and passion for science, mathematics and associated technologies. Potential students undertake an application process including written assessment tasks and an interview where students demonstrate their suitability for the school’s learning opportunities.

JMSS accepts 200 students into Year 10 each year, and there will also be limited places available in Year 11. The school does not allow entry at Year 12. Prospective students can register for the selection process via our website

Enrolment into the school is limited to a maximum number of students from each school, as with select-entry schools. The school attracts students from all educational sectors, as well as regional and rural locations.

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What are your average class sizes?

Normal class sizes will be at or below 25 students. Group sizes may vary according to the needs of the task, from large lecture groups to small tutorial groups on specific topics. JMSS uses Team Teaching in many subjects, with 2 teachers and up to 50 students in classes. The school’s layout is largely open plan to accommodate large classes and flexible learning spaces.

What is the balance between boys and girls?

Our experience has shown that both genders are attracted to the school in equal numbers, with the outstanding facilities and curriculum opportunities cited as the key reasons. We have an equal number of male and female staff. We have almost 50:50 gender balance between girls and boys. Science is for everyone.

Who is John Monash?

John Monash Science School is named to commemorate the legacy of a famous and distinguished Australian, General Sir John Monash. Sir John Monash is best known for his outstanding military service during World War One, but his impact on Victoria was profound in the civic, education and engineering spheres. He is remembered in the names of Monash University and the City of Monash.

What are the schools hours?

Students are required at school from 8.30 am.  Students are dismissed at 15.30 on Mondays & Wednesdays, 15.00 on Tuesdays, and 15.15 on Thursdays & Fridays.

What is the school uniform policy?

School uniform is compulsory, comprising a Summer, Winter and Sport uniform. Uniform information is given at enrolment, and second-hand uniforms are available.

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What text books and technology is required?

Students are required to bring two digital devices to school. The primary device (for example laptop or notebook computer) will serve as the student’s main computer. The secondary device (for example tablet or a hybrid “phablet”) will give students access to advanced digital content and various applications through which to organise this content.

Textbook, apps and eBook lists will be provided to parents before the start of each school year. Students will be able to borrow both eBooks and print resources from the school’s library.

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Are the students free to socialise with Monash University students?

No. John Monash Science School is a separate facility, located on the grounds of Monash University’s Clayton campus. Students remain within the school grounds for the whole day except for supervised lectures and workshops on the University campus.

Students undertaking a first-year University subject as part of Year 12 extension at JMSS will attend all lectures, tutorials and pracs within the University, and will be able to move freely between the school and the University campus in order to manage this.

Students may also take advantage of the library, sporting, cultural and other extra-curricular opportunities presented by the University outside school hours.

What are the fees and other costs?

John Monash Science School is a State Government Senior Secondary School. School fees comprise both compulsory and voluntary components:

  • Essential education items which parents/guardians are required to pay the school to provide for their child (e.g. core curriculum materials;  IT support);
  • Optional extras which are offered on a user-pays basis and which parents/guardians may choose whether or not their child accesses or participates in (e.g. school magazine or extra curricular activities);
  • Voluntary financial contributions which parents/guardians are invited to donate to the school via our Building or Library Fund. Donations to these funds are fully tax deductible.

Any families experiencing financial difficulty should contact the Business Manager Alison Galloway.

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Is there a full choice of subjects through to VCE?

Although JMSS is Victoria’s first specialist school for the sciences, mathematics and associated technologies, it offers a broad curriculum that satisfies the Australian Essential Learning Standards (AusVELS) and Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) requirements and assessments.

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