Vision & Values

Our Vision is to become a nationally and internationally recognised centre of excellence and innovation in the later years of secondary science, mathematics and associated technologies, reflecting global directions and priorities in scientific research and knowledge creation.

Our Mission

The Mission of John Monash Science School is to develop in all our students the skills, attributes, knowledge and balanced perspectives which will best enable them to make a positive difference to the world they will both inherit and co-create.


John Monash Science School is the outcome of a unique strategic partnership between the Victorian Government and Monash University. The stated mission of the John Monash Science School was articulated in the Lease struck between Monash University and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in 2008. The school opened in 2010 after some nine years of consultation between government, Monash University and other stakeholders.

To understand John Monash Science School today, it is appropriate to outline the original intentions of this partnership. In summary, they were for JMSS to be a nationally and internationally recognised centre of excellence in innovative research-based teaching and learning in the later years of secondary science, mathematics, associated technologies, resource development and pedagogy. The JMSS would contribute to Victoria’s, and the Nation’s, long-term economic, social, cultural and environmental goals through the delivery of high-quality education in science, technology and innovation. The purpose of the JMSS aligned with the summary and recommendations from the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the promotion of Science and Mathematics. More specifically, JMSS will:

  • Increase the proportion of the state’s highest achievers pursuing Mathematics and Science into senior secondary and university studies;
  • Address skill shortages in the economy through the integration of business, industry, research applications, career and subject advice within the school curriculum;
  • Provide more effective student engagement through innovation in a relevant and integrated curriculum and investigation based learning approaches;
  • Develop high-quality, effective teaching strategies to be shared amongst teachers throughout the state; and
  • Provide ongoing, up-to-date knowledge in rapidly advancing areas of science.

Furthermore, it was intended that JMSS would become a school that would:

  • Develop and foster a passionate curiosity of science and mathematics in students;
  • Challenge students to develop deep understanding through engagement with ideas and evidence;
  • Link student learning with business, industry and research sectors of the community;
  • Personalise student learning;
  • Use assessment for making informed and consistent judgements to improve future student learning by ongoing gathering, analysing and reflecting on evidence;
  • Foster high levels of student achievement;
  • Create opportunities for students to meet the requirements of VELS, complete a VCE and obtain an ATAR score to support applications for entry into courses in tertiary education;
  • Stimulate and support ongoing teacher learning and collaborative teacher research within the school;
  • Develop and improve the quality of teaching practices of pre-service teachers;
  • Develop innovative curriculum and teaching resources and practices that are shared across Victorian secondary schools;
  • Promote and provide credentialed professional learning for teachers in Victoria and elsewhere.