With the first class of John Monash Science School having graduated at the end of 2012, there is a need to maintain the friendships and networks established while at JMSS. The Alumni seeks to support its members in this manner as they move on from their secondary education.

Alumni Facebook Page

The purpose of the John Monash Science School Alumni is to:

  • Facilitate communication and interaction between former and present members of the JMSS community,
  • Organise events and reunions,
  • Provide support for JMSS.

Since its inception, the JMSS Alumni group has enjoyed a partnership with the Monash Alumni and will benefit from its support.

Any help you are able to offer would be greatly appreciated, particularly as input (from members and non-members alike) is essential to crafting the best possible Alumni experience for the unique and extraordinary JMSS community.

All JMSS students automatically join the Alumni – free of charge – upon graduating. Other members of the community, including past and present staff members and honorary guests, are also invited and encouraged to join.

Especially as it is still in its formative stages, the organisation will be constantly expanding and modifying its structure/activities over the coming years. Members of the Alumni will be able to look forward to various events to be held and should be excited by all the opportunities presented.